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Different Types of Foster Homes

‚ÄčNot all children and youth are in need of a long-term foster family. At Caithkin we ensure that our foster parents are prepared to care for children in different circumstances.

Emergency Care is exactly that. It is when a child or children need an immediate yet safe place to stay while the adults in their lives work out what is in their best interest moving forward.  These placements can lasts for a couple of days and nights or a couple of months.

Short Term Care is not as immediate or critical yet it is also not a long-term placement. Typically, it means providing a safe and caring environment for a few weeks or months while problems in the child's own home are resolved or different arrangements can be made for them.

Long Term Care involves caring for children for a year or more and possibly until they reach adulthood and are ready to live independently.  Occasionally these placements evolve beyond "adulthood" to support young adults working towards independence or a supported adult life.

Respite Care usually involves children living with their own family or foster carers, but having short stays with another foster family, to give their family/main caregivers a break.

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