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What is involved in becoming a foster parent?

Steps to becoming involved. If you are interested in being a foster parent there are several criteria that must be met. Any individual involved with Caithkin must provide a criminal records check/vulnerable sector screen. Each adult foster parent applicant will have to complete a written questionnaire that includes personal information including:

  • Their own family experience and relationships
  • Personal beliefs about values, priorities and family
  • Motivation and experience.
  • Openness to developing new skills
  • Views on working cooperatively as part of a team
  • Willingness to work with various diagnoses and behaviours.
  • Environment (how structured, philosophy on discipline, routine, etc.
  • Ability to communicate comfortably, verbally and in writing.

The questionnaire also includes a waiver granting permission for us to contact the local Children’s Aid Society to search your name through its’ database. In addition you must provide a minimum of three references per adult applicant and medical clearance for each family member. This will include contact with any residential agency with whom the applicant has been involved.

You must complete a home inspection to ensure that the physical facilities meet Ministry Standards. In the event that there are any deficiencies, or specific safety protocols (i.e. water/pool, etc.) these must be addressed prior to final approval. You will be required to participate in a personal interview meeting with the home assessor that includes all family members.

As well, documentation from your personal physician confirming that fostering presents no health risk to you, the potential care-giver or children, will be required. You must also participate in Caithkin’s orientation program which includes attendance at regular in-service training sessions as well as a Child Management Program.  Current Covid restrictions have resulted in these sessions operating virtually at this time.

Although this may seem like an arduous process it has been established to ensure that we each are adequately informed of the expectations prior to entering into any formal agreement. Upon approval, a letter of acceptance will be issued. At the time of your first placement, you will be asked to execute a Residential Treatment Agreement with Caithkin Treatment Foster Homes and this will outline Caithkin’s and your responsibilities.

You can access our Foster Parent Inquiry Form here.

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