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Ideal Foster Parents 

There is no one standard 'ideal family' for every youth in need of foster care. At Caithkin we try to match our foster children with the type of family that will suit them best.

Single Mothers

Many young people have only ever lived with a single mother and some kids are more comfortable being placed in a similar environment. And, there are many single mothers who make excellent foster parents.

​The problem is that many single mothers assume that they need to be in a permanent relationship to be a foster parent and that is not true. If you would like more information please fill in our Foster Parent Inquiry Form.

Traditional Families

The majority of our foster parents are traditional families that are comprised of a Mum and Dad along with a few of their own kids.

takes great care to ensure that the entire family is involved in the foster parenting process so that the youth in our foster program feel included within that family. If you think your family would like to learn more about becoming a foster family please fill in our Foster Parent Inquiry Form.

Retired People

Retired couples or individuals can be extraordinary foster parents as they have the experience of raising their own children and have the time and patience that is desperately needed for some youth. At Caithkin, we have found that some of our best matches have been with teenagers and newly retired couples. Contact us for more information or fill in our Foster Parent Inquiry Form.

Same Gender Couples

Effective foster parenting requires certain personality traits that many same sex couples possess which are patience, consistency and empathy. At Caithkin, we strive to find the right fit for our youth with the people we trust.

Strong, healthy relationships between foster parents provides a positive role model for some kids who didn't know empowering relationships were possible. And a good sense of humor is also helpful! If you would like more information please fill in our Foster Parent Inquiry Form.

Single Fathers

A single man can sometimes be a great foster parent especially for a teenage boy as they can relate to what the youth may be going through on the developmental side.

In the past, Caithkin had the good fortune to have a foster father who had been in foster care when he was a youth. He was tremendously helpful to some of the boys who needed to live with someone who truly understood what they were going through. If you think foster parenting may be for you then please fill in our Foster Parent Inquiry Form.

Childless Couples

Some couples without children decide that foster parenting will give them an opportunity to provide a stable home life to a child in need. All of Caithkin's foster parents go through a thorough educational program before a youth is placed in their home and receive ongoing training on a regular basis. If you think foster parenting is for you please fill in our Foster Parent Inquiry Form.

Diversity & Religion

Where possible, Caithkin strives to place our youth with families that represent their ethnic as well as their religious backgrounds. The only thing our youth share in common is their need for a stable home life.

​They come from all types of backgrounds and religions are all over the map. If you think you are ready to become a foster family please fill in our Foster Parent Inquiry Form


There are many different types of people who can make great foster parents. But many of them don't know that they are the families we are looking for.

If you know someone you think would be a great foster parent please have them give us a call at 705-429-0115, Toll Free 1-866-991-4734, or refer them to this website

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