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The Caithkin Foster Mentoring Team Approach

Cathkin knows that there are no better mentors than those who have 'walked the walk' or are 'walking the walk' and that is why we encourage communication between our Foster Parents.

Seasoned foster parents are introduced to new foster parents so that they can provide meaningful mentoring that supports and encourages these foster parents while keeping the experienced foster parents engaged and active.

​Mentoring helps develop stability not just for the new parents but for the children as well.

Sometimes, if a new foster parent is dealing with a challenging child combined with other issues such as an angry biological parent they can become overwhelmed. In extreme cases they decide that fostering isn’t for them and the child in their care must be moved to another home. This upheaval and stress often hits foster children hard and it can be avoided through mentoring. ​

It is well documented that the effects of multiple placements has a negative impact that can affect a foster child throughout their whole life. By sharing their own personal experiences and coping strategies mentors help those less experienced foster parents feel less alone and better equipped to handle some of the challenges that come with fostering children. With someone to talk to when a child acts out new foster parents become less likely to request that a child be moved or to close their home.

In addition to the regular training sessions we arrange for picnics so that all of our foster families can enjoy themselves and hopefully become friends with other foster families.

And, of course, we have our annual Appreciation Dinner.  This is an opportunity for Caithkin to celebrate the successes that each foster home achieves, and recognize the incredible commitment of all members of our family: Foster Parents, Clinical Staff, Volunteers and Administrative Staff.

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